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SECA School is a private and independent school founded in 2006 on the principle that every child is a brilliant star. Our programmes are academic focused with an emphasis on development of the whole child. ​SECA School was founded with a strong desire in responding to His Majesty's call for making students "become lights of excellence". We give you: Complete assurance to ignite your child's curiosity and enthusiasm about learning, interact with ease and have a heardstart in life. Total commitment and responsibility for your child to shine through love, care and encouragement. Child-focused programme with small group sizes, trained and well supervised teachers and developmentally appropriate curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to meet all needs, interests and abilities. We have very high expectations for our students. We not only provide a good environment conducive to learning but determine to build a solid foundation of language, mathematics, science and inquisitive skills that are essential for later learning. SECA School has a full commitment to provide top quality education and produce an all-well rounded individual with noble character, loyal to the country and His Majesty the Sultan of Negara Brunei Darussalam. Seca School aspires to instill in our students to be proud of their cultural identity and living in accordance to the Melayu Islam Beraja(MIB) philosophy. Through a team of highly trained and caring teachers who are patient, warm and friendly, we provide a safe and warm environment conducive to learning. Seca School aims to inspire students in carrying forward the various branches of knowledge, be active inthe field of inventions, sciences and arts.

Our Motto

  • Loyalty - Loyalty to the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam, loyalty to the beautiful and peaceful country, Negara Brunei Darussalam

  • Perseverance - Develop an inexorable zeal for success in all endeavours; be it in academicor personality building. 

  • Academic excellence - Seca School believes that every child has the potential to achieve academic excellence and thus we will strive to attain that goal. Seca School aims to inspire students in carrying forward the various branches of knowledge, be active in the field of inventions, sciences and arts.

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