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Our preschool programme caters for the 3 to 5 year olds. The 3 yr is kg1, 4yr old is kg2 and 5 yr old is kg3.This is the time when your child is curious and eager to learn through 
exploration. They are also eager to do everyday things by themselves.This includes reading,writing, counting and expressing themselves. We provide you child with individualized learning, support and encouragement so that your child find learning enjoyable and rewarding. 

Class hours: Morning and Afternoon Session

Our primary section programme is designed to prepare our students who will be competitive to face the challenges in the 21st century. It is a well-balanced programme with emphasis on academic excellence as well as spiritual and physical wellness. Great emphasis is placed on the English Language, Mathematics, Science and Information 
Technology. The students are trained to think creatively, innovatively and to have high self-confidence. The primary classrooms are all air-conditioned and are decorated to excite the student's curiosity. The primary section is also equipped with a new computer room. 

Class hours: Morning and Afternoon Session


Art Class


a.) Two (2) passport sized photos
b.) Photocopy of birth certificate
c.) Student pass (if expatriate)
d.) School leaving certificate and latest exam results (if transfer)

downloadable links which includes pricing and specifics.

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